Path of Yemaya Reiki

Path of Yemaya ReikiThe energy of this system will protect your life through all the highs and lows, even in the worst of times. It will promote self care so that you will take time for self; pamper yourself, nurture your needs and respect your position in life. The energy is very feminine and allows you to retire from being the nurterer, caretaker and fixer in your life so that you can take care of you. It will help you to learn how to dance with the ebb and flow of the life cycle.

The Path of Yemaya Reiki healing system will support you through life challenges. Yemaya’s compassionate energy will wash away any troubles or sorrows you may have. Her energy will provide protection for you in your travels. It will connect you with your creative side, creative potentials and possibilities.

The energy of this system is very soothing and calming. The Path of Yemaya Reiki energy will heal any anxieties you may have and help you to endure change in your life with wisdom, compassion and grace. The Path of Yemaya Reiki will bring balance and the reconciliation of opposites in  your nature. It will remind you that suffering can carve a place in your heart for joy to dwell.

It will inspire you to be more compassionate, sincere, comforting, generous and help you to lend a helping hnd to those in need. It wil bring you power to push through any sadness you may experience. You will experience greater inspiration as the healing energy works to spark your creative energies, super charge your sexy, playful, wise, feminine, graceful side and inspire you to be all that is woman, nurturing mother, inspired companion, playful bed partner, wise advisor and insightful leader.

The Path of Yemaya Reiki will help you to connect to, recognize, honor and voice your needs, release anger, embrace joy and to see your body as a temple and treasure.

Attributes of Goddess Yemaya
Her name is a contraction of Yey Omo Eja which means “Mother whose children are the fish”.

Goddess Yemaya, Mother of Water, Goddess of the Ocean and of the New Year, is a West African, Brazilianand Afro-Caribbean goddess. She was originally a river goddes of the Yoruba in Nigeria.

She represents mother love as well as all of the affairs of women including children, birthing, home, hearth, family & fertility. She is also associated with the moon and lunar mysteries; not just the ocean. She is a mother goddess, the goddess of home, fertility, love and family. She was a nature spirit; an orisha – a powerful and beloved guardian spirit.

Yemaya is worshipped in the act of sacred dance, much like Isis. Those involved in the ritual will wear blue, the color of Yemaya and a necklace of blue and clear beads. Many will wear the seven layers to represent the seven seas of Yemaya. The alter of Yemaya is always in a circle and teh dance is performed in a circle around that alter. The circle is representative of the cycle of life eternal.

You may invoke or pray to Yemaya concerning any matter of the home, family, love and fertility. Know that she is a loving, comforting Goddess, known as the giver of life. She has a soft spot for children. Therefore, if you are seeking to become pregnant, invoke her assistance.

She is also a very protective Goddess for women and children When you need comforting and/or cleaning of sorrows inyour life know that you may call upon her motherly, protective energies for she cares deeply for all. She is a powerful healer and is concerned with the Mother Earth. Thereby you may summon her for healing fo the earth. Know that your prayers are most effective if you expect that she will help you and if you are ready to receive her assistance.

Remember to thank her for her assistance always.

– distance attunement
– manual
– bonus manuals including information about chakras, auras, psychic self development, etc
– certificate

PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!

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Path of Yemaya Reiki

Unit Price: $10.00 each

Usui Reiki (Shiki Ryoho Reiki) Level 2

usui reiki level 2
usui reiki level 2

At level two you are introduced to 3 symbols which help to focus your healing abilities and also help you to send distance healing to people anywhere in the world. One distance attunement will help to amplify your abilities.

At level two you can practice professionally — insurance company details will be given to you. (This insurance company is UK based and if you do not live in the UK you will need to check locally to see if there are any laws regarding Reiki Practices). Reiki Consultation and Treatment Record forms are included in the manual in pdf format so you can print as many as you require.

Level Two Manual Contents
An Introduction to 2nd Degree Usui Reiki
A Moment of Reflection

The Second Degree
Trying To Understand How the Second Degree Works
How We Believe Reiki Works

Lesson 2: Gassho the First Pillar of Reiki
Gassho — Placing the Two Palms Together
Formal Gassho
Mu‐shin (‘No‐Mind’) Gassho
The Gassho Meditation (Take Time out 5‐20 Minutes a Day)

Lesson 3: Reiji‐Ho the Second Pillar of Reiki

Lesson 4 — Chiryo the Third Pillar of Reiki
The Breath
Joshin Kokyuu‐Ho
The Tanden (Tantien)

Lesson 5: Namaste
The God in me greets the God in you.
The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you.

Lesson 6: New Possibilities with Reiki 2

Lesson 7: The Sacred Reiki Symbols

Lesson 8: The First Sacred Symbol — Cho Ku Rei
How to draw the Cho‐Ku‐Rei
How to Use the Cho‐Ku‐Rei Symbol
Examples of Uses for the Cho‐Ku‐Rei (CKR) Symbol:

Lesson 9: The Second Sacred Symbol — Sei Heiki
How to draw the Sei‐Heiki
How to Use the Sei‐Heiki Symbol
The Reiki Sandwich
Examples of Uses for the Sei‐Heiki (SH) Symbol:

Lesson 10: The Third Sacred Symbol — Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
How to Draw the Hon‐Sha‐Ze‐Sho‐Nen Symbol
How to Use the Hon‐Sha‐Ze‐Sho‐Nen Symbol
The Full Reiki Sandwich
Examples of Uses for the HSZSN Symbol:

Lesson 11 — Distant or Absent Reiki Healing
Preparing to Send Distant Reiki Healing
Popular Methods Used to Send Distant Reiki Healing
The Surrogate Method
The Thigh and Knee Method
Visualisation Techniques
Alternative Visualisation Technique

Lesson 12: A Traditional Distant Reiki Healing Technique
The Structure of a Traditional Reiki Distant Healing Session
Step 1: Ask For Permission To Send The Distant Healing to the Recipient.
Step 2: The Traditional Distant Reiki Technique

Lesson 13 — Examples of Sending Distant Reiki Healing
Send Reiki Distantly to People
Send Reiki to the Future
Send Reiki to the Past
Send Reiki to Yourself
Send Reiki to Places, Situations and World Events or Disasters
Send Reiki to Multiple People/Events/Situations

Lesson 14 — Working with Reiki 2
Empower Your Goals
The Magician (Tarot cards)
Preparing To Treat a Client
Positive Affirmations
Scanning the Aura

Lesson 15 — Additional Non Traditional Reiki Symbols
ZONAR…… 66
How to Draw the Harth Symbol

Lesson 16: Extra Reiki Hand Positions
Hand Positions for Treating Specific Parts of the Body
Hand Positions for Treating Everyday Complaints
Hand Positions for Treating Chronic Complaints

Lesson 17 — Combining Reiki with other Healing Disciplines
Reiki and the Art of Focusing
The Focusing Technique For Self Healing
Timeline Reiki

Lesson 18 — Animal Reiki Techniques
You can give Reiki to animals in a number of situations:
Rapport and Communicating with Animals
Preparing to Treat an Animal with Reiki
Animal Reiki Techniques



Usui Reiki (Shiki Ryoho Reiki) Level 2

Unit Price: $20.00 each